Empowering IoT devices to keep themselves secure and their data trustworthy

TrustCentral™ is offering an API supported by an innovative technology cloud platform upon PKI-based security for the management and security of a variety of endpoints, including IoT (Internet of Things) Devices, computers, tablets and mobile devices. TrustCentral will offer building blocks for: the authentication of endpoint devices; establishment of persistent, secure, authenticated communication lines between endpoints; IoT Digital Obedience® of IoT devices; secure IoT Device Groups; cross-certification of identities between enterprise and government entities in order to measure and extend trust amongst endpoints.

Trust for IoT

Manufacturers and end customers want products which incorporate IoT devices to be trustworthy.  Achieving trust at the IoT device level requires action with multiple elements such as: that each device has its unique, authenticated identity tied to a physical root of trust; knowing that any endpoint being communicated with has also been authenticated; controlling precisely the specific other endpoints with which a managed endpoint communicates; knowing there is no man-in-the-middle in the communication between endpoints; that an endpoint device is not being spoofed (impersonated); that an endpoint device has not been hacked; that layered auditability of activities is built in, (as well as other concerns). 

In many cases the most important result of IoT device activity is trustworthy transaction and event records.  Therefore the data produced by IoT devices must be authenticated, protected, ensured to be valid to certify that payload data has not been altered.