Use Cases

The TrustCentral API may be used to support a variety of business use cases stretching across multiple types of needs in both commerce and government. Broadly acknowledged security shortcomings with IoT devices present a need by manufactures of products that incorporate such devices, e.g., automotive (OEM’s – Original Equipment Manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, etc.), medical (device manufacturers), system integrators and others.

A single product

TrustCentral is focused on building and offering one product: an API that provides valuable and innovative capabilities and is supported by the TrustCentral Security Ecosystem with its Trust Stack.

TrustCentral aims to become “The Twilio* of authenticated and secure endpoint devices (particularly IoT) which are then able to perform secure and trustworthy services as well as to provide private and trustworthy transaction and event records for enterprises and governments.”  

* Twilio is a highly successful company providing a robust API that supports sophisticated telephony resources for use by major businesses across the world.