Automotive Right to Repair

Vehicle owners’ “Right-to-Repair” presents technical and security challenges to automotive OEM’s.

Here is a comprehensive example that incorporates TrustCentral technology in a variety of bi-lateral and multi-lateral relationships that not only solves the “Right-to-Repair” challenge, but complements other areas of a vehicle life-cycle.

Right to Repair”, for example: Authentication of: the entity conducting the repair (e.g., vehicle owner; repair shop); Authentication of: tools for vehicle access, diagnostics and replacement; Authentication of: replacement parts; Authorization of: entity conducting a repair or replacement of a specific part(s); Authorization of: an authenticated part for the specific vehicle plus that it is properly integrated in the vehicle; Accounting of: records showing specific, authenticated part installed in specific vehicle; report of testing results; functioning of completed repair; updated owner/vehicle central records with OEM/Dealer.