Artificial Intelligence


Using the technology of its Building Blocks, the TrustCentral API could possibly provide AI systems with a number of innovative capabilities, so that AI systems may, for example:

  • View, track and know about designated IoT device communications as well as other supported IoT devices with which those devices may or may not communicate
  • Attain visibility to designated IoT endpoint authenticated communication line relationships, PKI certificates, etc. as well as to audit trails of IoT device activities to determine source of information/communication
  • Direct the security ecosystem to create new secure communication lines between designated devices as well as to provide rules of use for those communication lines so as to manage and create authenticated relationships between designated pairs of IoT devices
  • Gain authorized access to IoT endpoints for the purpose of providing direction to them or obtain information from them
  • Use these capabilities so that the AI system could create an “exoskeleton” (built with IoT devices) for the AI’s use and control

As all communication lines established by such an AI capability and all access would be conducted under authority of certificates issued by the security ecosystem. Such activity would be open to external monitoring and ultimate control, thus mitigating a “SkyNet” scenario.